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Laboring to get myself all prepared to launch my new webcomic, "Proxy: the Continuing Adventures of Michael Leesome". My initial plan was to have it up online to view by November of 2018, but a loss of my computer and other holdbacks caused a big delay in my planned launch date.

I did not want to start posting it until I concluded my current comic, "Symbiotic: the Story of Amele", came to it's conclusion. Symbiotic still has a dozen or so pages until the story ends, but I will have a page for Proxy art, etc. up soon for you to look at before it gets published.

Creation of a Panel

initial pencil layer
Ink panel

A panel for any of my comics goes through pretty much the same procedure. I start with a basic pencil sketch (1) to check placement on a page, allowing for text to be dropped in later. Once I get the elements where I want them, I refine the sketch (2), ink it (3), then add color(4).

refined pencil layer
finished art with color

David P. Allee has been in the commercial art field for over 35 years as an illustrator, graphic designer & animator. He resides.

the artist

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